Sunday, April 10, 2011

Last couple weeks

13 days left. I am putting the finishing touches on finals. Booked a hostel in Paris for that leg of the journey after the semester ends. Trying to figure out exactly what numbers to dial when using my cell phone to call people in other countries. Going to print maps soon, of certain parts and areas of the planned trip, as well as the boarding passes. All this stuff I just mentioned has been good distraction material at times, because I'm entirely going to miss being here and being with the people I've gotten to know, and thinking about leaving all this can be kind of a downer.

Below are just some selections of photos from the past couple weeks. Kinda-sorta in chronological order. There are some shots of my artwork nearer to the bottom.

Left: Brijit, Emerson, Ellen, Cameron, Hannah. Pointing out how Liz is about to be attacked by seals. Center: Cliffs of Moher in the distance, near the departure point for Aran Islands ferry. Right (or third one): Tilly looking at the world upside down.

Left: Old (8th century?) church on the Aran Islands, during an after-dark bike-ride adventure. Right: Hannah, Dustin (aka Charcoal Dust), Liam, Dylan, before all were turned into poo-flinging apes (except for Dustin).

Left, Oak tree near Charleville Castle. Center, View from the top of the eight-story tower at Charleville Castle. Right, Charleville Castle basement

Left, Meghann the Meerkat. Center, Cameron, Hannah, Charcoal Dust

Above three and this one on the Left: Shots for my 'photo-illustration' project of little guys made out of kneaded erasers in various spots and maybe telling a story. Right: Corner sculpture. gonna have to paint my studio walls white this week, we'll see how it works out with this here...

Billy Jean/that milkshake song, remix

Biking on the Aran Islands