Monday, March 15, 2010

Greetins, mah name is Calvin

Firstly, here are some sketches for my Digital Illustration class so far.

(The subject title of this post is a Calvin & Hobbes reference, paraphrased. Also, the title of my blog refers to a Calvin & Hobbes anthology.)

Anyways, I feel like I have caught up with my homework pile. I hope to get started on an illustration for Digital Illustration soon; often I do not feel like I spend enough time on the pieces for that class, and I think it might be due to having four studio classes. A lot of work that has to be produced.

In other random news, carpenter ants have been having fun enjoying and exploring our apartment...for too long. We put out some Terro almost a week ago, and after a few rounds of re-applying the stuff, have hopefully gotten them to carry it back to their nest. A lot of the carpenter ants just sit and die in the Terro. Today, the smaller ants came in and hauled away some of the carpenter ant bodies. I think some of the smaller ants got drunk and died, as well. I saw limbs and body segments laying near the Terro also. Don't know what that's about.