Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Process of Senior Project: Round 1

Hello, I've started my Spring semester, and I will be posting bits of my process. First up is my Senior Project. This may be the main thing I focus on.

The project will be a large illustration of an environment that is inspired and influenced by real places from my childhood (St. Peter, Minnesota, or places I traveled with my family), and from more recent places I've been (Minneapolis, Ireland, some places in Europe). The look of the environment will be inspired by 2-D video games, particularly those in the 'platformer' genre. I will also be making an animation showing how a cursor, which will look like a hand, can explore and interact and find little objects in the environment. So, it will kind of be showing how it could be like a point-and-click adventure, sort of in the style of the browser-based point and click adventure game Samarost.

Here are a chunk of visuals of my process and development so far:

An early rough idea of how the environment could be designed.

Some of the type of texture I will incorporate.

Some of my brainstorming and thinking-out-loud, as well as a sample of the look of the environment.

More pictures, as well as very short and rough trailer will be posted tomorrow.

I also wanted to mention that I will probably have some light guitar strumming or music of some form in the animation. The animation will display like a trailer.

That's all for now, goodnight everyone.