Thursday, December 11, 2008

Slug Comic complete

I recently completed a small-format, 16 page comic book about a slug and his sudden encounter with the human who is killing his friends and family.  I will try to upload some, or all, the pages soon.  Meanwhile, I have drawn out most of the rough draft of another comic that I'm really excited to draw.  I like the meaning behind the idea of it especially, and the nature of the topic, which is much more serious and sort of real than the little slug comic I just did.  I'm thinking of using charcoal in some way with this one, and maybe trying to do just one page (or maybe I'll do the charcoal/one page thing with another idea I come up with).  Whatever I decide to do with the charcoal/one page method, I am hoping to maybe submit it to the anthology collection that the Comics Club here at MCAD puts together.  Which means I'll have to work extra hard when working on it, but even if it doesn't get published, at least I'll have a good example of my work completed.  Motivation=a good thing.

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