Friday, May 8, 2009

Quick Update

Thought I'd just do a quick update.  Only a couple days left of the semester here at MCAD.  It was a pretty great year.  I updated my mnartists page: Here .  I'm having fun inking in some finishing touches on a comic assignment that I will hand in on Monday.

I have recently had lots of thinking going on in my head regarding art and MCAD and the people at MCAD and the quality and kind of work and growth as artists that students here are experiencing; and lots more.  Hard to articulate it, especially out loud, which is kind of too bad, since I could do so with some instructors.  Maybe if I wrote it out first.  Some time I'll get around to that.

Hopefully I also figure out what I want to major in soon... I'm hoping either Animation or Comic Art, or if neither of those seem like 'it', I'll do Illustration.

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