Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A biographical comic from Intro to Comics

Intro to Comics was a while ago (Spring 2009), but I was going through some folders and finding things I thought would be fun to post. So, here's a 2-page, biographical comic, about the war-time journalist Ernie Pyle (World War II), pencils and inked pages. The inking's a bit rough looking, but it was only my second time doing real 'comic inking'. I've always liked stippling stuff, so I like how those parts looked. Figuring out where the larger black spots and middle toned shapes should go was more of a challenge, and I think I've improved in that area a bit, but could still use some improvement (though I don't do a ton of just plain black and white stuff like this as much anymore).

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Dylan Davis said...

it's neat to see all the pages together. most of the panel's images read pretty well from a distance, and the application of ink has a certain feel to it (sort of a "nervous line" at times that lends character), placements of blacks seems nice too.