Saturday, March 12, 2011

Art I made here at the BCA

These first eight photos of are of the new direction my independent project for MCAD is going in. They are based on the charcoal drawings I did for the first half of the semester (see further below for those). The explanations further down there will help in understanding these ones, too, I think. I feel like these may go in a more interesting direction, and allow me much more freedom and time and ability to control the emotion of the pieces. Also, these setups are in my studio, and ideally I want to set them up outdoors, with better lighting.

Here are some snapshots of a few of the charcoal drawings I worked on the first half of the semester (and now plan to finish two or three of.. there are four total, I think they're all shown here), for my MCAD Independent Project. It deals with little people making their own world and environments out of found natural objects, as well as found trash. The photos might not be the best lighting, but since the license on my Photoshop ran out at the start of the semester, I can't adjust them in there.. and I don't plan on buying the CS5 Student Premium upgrade until I return to the States in May. Anyway, here they be.

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