Monday, November 24, 2008

Progress on Small Comic Book

The little mock-up I made:
The (really rough) draft of the story (drawn with ball-point pen, which I notice I like more than a pencil sometimes):

Here is what I have so far for my 16 page comic book that I'm making for my Foundation 2D class.  It is just a very rough draft so far, that I drew up.  I will definitely be making changes to the panel sizes and shapes on many of the pages.  The pages are supposed to be indicated just by the gaps between groupings of panels.  I also still need to add most of the text and dialogue, although I do have the basic plot outlined.  Basically, there's a slug who comes upon a massacre of his fellow slugs, who were tempted by some beer that a human left out to kill them with in a forest.  The slug is making his way back to a garden he maintains that sort of memorializes the slugs that have died, and briefly meets his female frog friend.  Then, the human shows up, and attempts to kidnap the main character slug, who apparently is a rare spotted slug that is a possible ingredient that some evil doctor needs (Yes, there is some possibly some crazy mystery involving a doctor who needs animals to make stuff; perhaps this guy wants a medicine of the doctor's).  A female bat character comes to the rescue, and that's where I left off and need to finish some panels.  I thought that it might seem a little fast, in how I introduce these characters, but then I thought it could maybe seem like a story that could be continued later (I'll still have a conclusion to this little story, though, of course).

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