Saturday, October 23, 2010

Junior Review - Piece 3 & 4 - "90s Shoes" & "MCadet"

Here are pieces 3 and 4 that I will show in my Junior Review. I am posting the pieces in chronological order according to date of creation, but I will probably be showing them from newest to oldest in my presentation instead. (Oh.. I just noticed it uploaded the images in the wrong order; I did the shoe one first in my Concepts & Metaphors class, and then did the mug design just this semester for Illustration Topics)

This first one, the mug one, was for the MCAD Mug Design contest. I decided to show the process work first, so you can peruse that before scrolling down to be amazed at what the final piece looks like (instead of how I did it in previous posts, where you see the final piece right away; I think this is more interesting :P )

And here I have the process work, which involved a lot of brainstorming and writing, for the beginning of the trip-tych that would be 'the shoe assignment' (they were actually going to be in book form, so a couple would be facing one another; so I guess not exactly a trip-tych?). Anyway, for the 'Review, I am just showing one of the three, which is the one about the 'shoe of the '90s', which I chose to be a Chuck. I actually attained a pretty old pair of them from an employee at a used bookstore in Dinkytown, who let me have them for free, which was pretty cool! I gave them back to him a couple weeks after I used them for reference, though, because it sounded like he may have been reluctant to part with them. The final piece is supposed to be showing a boy/teenager in the '90s, who was heading into this age saturated by 'the digital', but meanwhile kids still often had these shoes that showed the wear and tear of playing outdoors, even with the coming of computers and unfortunately a lot more staying indoors for some kids. Not sure if all that was clear (in how I worded it and in how I showed it in the art), but I like some of the new things I was doing with combining digital/traditional medium.

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