Tuesday, October 5, 2010

These (above) are the preliminary sketches for a potential product design assignment, all the way back in Intro to Illustration.

These are some smiling animal faces, for an assignment in my Illustration Topics class. These are just sketched ideas for a mug design assignment.

This an early sketch for an assignment relating to Harlequin Romance novels, also all the way back in Intro to Illustration. I had this symbolic idea about women who read the novels kind of wanting to fill an empty hole in their hearts with the romantic fluff of that genre..or something like that.

This is an early sketch, and some thumbnails on the side, for an assignment in Intro to Illustration also, about eco-friendly fashion.

This is a sketched idea for an assignment in my Intro to Illustration class (again) about government surveillance; specifically about how they record what we type (or at least that's the conspiracy).

And, here's one of a two-piece (diptych) self-portrait assignment I did for Drawing: Figure. I like this one more than the other one, in which I'm scrunching up my face (but got the proportions wrong for my head). This one's not perfect either, but I like it.

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