Saturday, October 30, 2010

Post that was meant to be a 'mobile post'

Somehow I sent a text to what was supposed to be my blog, from my phone, and it ended up as three separate, garbled messages. Oh well. Here is what the original text was:

"Giving tea a try at infinitea and watching scary costumed kids go in and out. Saw a Mario! that mom raised her son well. maybe i will get a twitter for non-art mobile posts. oh and I don't think I'm converted on the tea yet; or at least this iron goddess of mercy. (oh a Luigi maybe just walked in?)"

I did ask if I could have some honey to add to the tea, and ended up pouring quite a lot of honey in...then it tasted better. Maybe I will find a tea that I like, someday..obviously I haven't even tried that many yet.

Oh, and I will select some kind of art/sketches/process stuff to post soon...

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