Friday, January 14, 2011


Yesterday we had a very, very long bus trip, going through Galway and all around the Cannemara area, which is distinguished especially by its "mountains" (very large hills at least), and its beautiful coastline. It was my second time at the ocean (first time being a few days ago on the first bus tour to closer coastline), and my first time actually close to the water, and first time feeling ocean water with my hands. Needless to say, the ocean is great. I wanted to drink it and go swim in it (of which only swimming would be safe, although obviously very cold at this time of year). The color was a fresh, visual treat for my eyes. Seeing that color in person is entirely different than seeing it in any photograph or video.

Among the new photos in my Flickr set are some of my first climb up a burren hill a couple days ago, with a few friends. Some of my fellowship thought it would be fun to climb the hill-mountains in the Cannemara area, but I think I will stick to the shorter burren-hills for the time being. Maybe when I develop larger lung capacity and endurance...

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