Thursday, January 13, 2011

Climbed a big burren hill today

Today, myself and four others climbed the nearest big hill to our school. It was a fairly treacherous journey at times... had to watch our footing, at least, almost constantly. Really breath-taking views, of the bay nearby, and of the entire valley and hills around us. Very fresh air. We found quite a bit of bones nestled in a particularly deep crack, and pulled them out and left them on the rocks to dry, and to maybe come back later to take. There were many cows pretty far up on the hill, too; they must know how to navigate very well, as even we had trouble finding the least steep and most climbable path up, and then down, the hill. I don't think we even reached the very top; it went for quite a ways up.

Just heard some cows mooing very loud, and I'm sitting in my studio. I don't know how close they are..

I hope to get some sketching going very soon.

My internet connection is slow and finicky, so I will update this blog post with photos soon (or just make a new post, linking to the photos on my Flickr)... actually, just click this link to check and see if they have been uploaded by the time you read this:

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