Saturday, January 1, 2011

Some more Fall 2010 semester work

(I sat for a couple minutes trying to think of a good title, but could not come up with a good one. Oh well).

Here is some more work from my Tools of the Trade class I took this Fall, 2010, including a couple process-related items, too. This first piece was made after we were assigned to look at the website, which collects information from blog posts across the internet, many having to do with feelings or emotions. The blog I chose had to do with a woman who wanted to conquer a 101-item to-do list in 1001 days. All of the objects in the piece are related to items on her to-do list. Here is a link to the original blog and post:

(Above) is the full-size version...

...and just a quick crop, to see how that may improve the composition. During critique, this was something that was suggested. I would move the health bars and some of the background elements in along with the crop, if I were to do a final version.

The following (below) are scans of an assignment involving "fashion", and with the requirement to use watercolor. I chose to depict some twigs "wearing" leaves and bark, and I tried to make use of the medium as best I could, working much more slowly and carefully than I usually do. Reference photos follow the illustrations.

The next two pieces are a diptych, created from the prompt, "human/animal", which could be anything involving humans and animals, with some kind of thing connecting the two. I just drew a human pooping, and a human using a scratching post, with an animal in the background as the master; so, reversal of roles.

Oh, and it was required to use acrylic... I chose to do a less-careful method I guess, working without really layering or cleaning my brush a ton, and mixing it often when the paint was still wet on the paper.


Francesca said...

This is awesome! I've seen a lot of this from going to your class, but I hadn't seen that first one.

I really do love your watercolor pieces. They're so simple and elegant, but with really great specificity. You've got a knack for the media, for sure. Can't wait to see what you do with it in the U.K!

Dustin said...

Thanks :) I edited the post so that the mixed media piece's thumbnails now both link to a more zoomed-in version..

I hope to do some more watercolor in the future as well. I think I need to get better at incorporating some of my drawing/painting from observation skills into my illustrations; I mean, I gotta think about the medium more in those first process stages. For many assignments in other classes this semester, I just chose a medium very quickly, that I was comfortable with, so that I could get started and be guaranteed to finish the piece on time for class.

And yep, I am looking forward to being overseas, I leave this coming Thursday! I'm starting to pack..